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Interested In Experiencing My Work?
Try A Quantum Somatic Healing Session

Come experience a life changing session with me!

Quantum Somatic Healing is a term I have coined as I needed a name for the unique work that I do! QSH is a synthesis of all of the many modalities and trainings I have accumulated over the last 13 years. The aim of a QSH session is to create safe space for the client to achieve deep healing through connecting with their body and their subconscious mind. These sessions are especially designed for those suffering from the ill effects of long term or acute trauma, but are also extremely powerful for anyone looking to release, heal, and reconnect on deeper levels. 

I pull from a variety of traditions and techniques in my QSH sessions, it all depends on what the client needs at that time.  Some of the modalities I pull from and are inspired by are: somatic movement (feldenkrais, hanna somatics, shin somatics), breathwork, havening technique, brainspotting, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), focusing/felt sense, yoga, neuroaffective touch, neurosculpting, hypnosis, and more....

I help people to:

-Reconnect with their body & all of its messages/wisdom

-Release stored trauma in the nervous system, fascia, and brain

-Align with their truth and more deeply trust their intuition

-Unwind OLD patterns that no longer serve

-Develop amazing habits/ skills to live an optimally healthy life

-Deeply heal & release

-And SO much more!

My sessions generally run between 90 minutes to 2 hours and I am available for both in person (in South Ogden, UT) and online sessions.

Cost of in person session: $250

Online session: $225

To book please email and I will get back to you within 24 hours typically. 

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