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Intrinsic Data Field Technology

What Is IDF Technology?

The day science begins to study non physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade then in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. - Nikola Tesla  

In short, IDF stands for ‘Intrinsic Data Field’ and the term IDF has its roots in the fields of Psionics, Psychotronics, + Radionics which are fields of study that were developed in the 20th century designed to interface intent with electronic technology. These subtle energy fields (IDFs) contain the intrinsic information necessary to create the blueprint for the organization of matter. 

At the most fundamental level, everything in the universe is energy and ALL forms of energy are governed over by IDFs (Intrinsic Data Fields). IDF's are the informational fields that dictate how energy should be formed into various states of matter. This concept of IDF's has been given many other names such as: quantum scalar energy or waves, bioplasm, the ethers, prana, chi, orgone, pre physical state, or biofield, among others. 

Like every living thing, the human body also radiates and absorbs frequency waves of energy. Our five senses allow us a lens through which to perceive a very limited frequency band of the full spectrum of energy that surrounds us. Our senses make it so that our world around us appears to be solid, yet if we magnify the cells, molecules, and atoms of which we and everything around us are composed of, we would see that at the most basic level we are made up of nothing but pure light energy. It is this energy that is constantly being  shaped by IDFs. As we progress in our scientific understanding of reality, we are realizing more and more that our health and well-being are ultimately tied into the "healthy" function of the data exchange between Informational Data Fields and the energy that fuels our bodies. 

There is a field of science and research called Radionics that has been around since the early 1900's and has been working with these subtle energies in relation to human health, animal health, and plant health. Many various energy interfacing instruments have been built and used within Radionics, some with amazing success at healing disease. Some examples include: VIBE machine, RIFE machine, Zapping machine, and the SE-5. 

I use the SE-5 2000 Gold in my Somatic Trauma Coaching & Research Work, which is the newest version of the SE-5 and the most advanced technology of its kind that can be found anywhere in the world. Through the SE-5 2000 I am able to take scaled readings on the IDF's of anything and everything I wish to test. I am not only able to analyze IDF's of anything conceivable with this device, I am also able to easily transmit broadcasts with the corrective IDFs to the subject I am working with be it plant, animal, land, or human. 


Through this quantum and kinesthetic instrument, I am able to take percentage based readings of someone's IDF signature related to a specific tuning. For example, I can test someone's IDF of their calcium levels on a scale of 0-100,(closer to 100 being the ideal), using the white stick pad you see above and the tuning dial knob on the left. Using this instrument requires the user to be dialed in to a clear and non-biased psychic state while they are "getting the reading". It can be likened to muscle testing, dowsing rods, or pendulum work, yet with the SE-5 2000 we have a much greater capacity for accuracy as well as the ability to actually send IDF broadcasts to the subject being worked on. There is a computer software program that interfaces with the SE-5 2000 to allow for greater useability and ease, yet this instrument is able to run completely by itself without a computer, so long as it has power. 

I, or anyone operating an SE-5, have the ability to test anything imaginable for its IDF signature in relation to the subject being tested. I can test various parasites, bacteria, minerals, vitamins, organ health, mental health, astral influences, spiritual body health, past life influence.... literally anything I wish to find out, I can. 

I am using the SE-5 in my Somatic Trauma Coaching, to take initial intake readings of various health markers in my clients. When I am completed with my one on one work with the client I will take outtake readings of those same markers to track any possible improvement from my work with them. My research with the SE-5 is ongoing and will continue to evolve as I evolve. My intention though, is to use the SE-5 to better help my clients achieve remarkable breakthroughs and full healing. 

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