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Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

An incredible hypnosis experience allowing you to access past, parallel, future, or in between lives to gain answers to the questions you seek. 


BQH is an integrative and intuitive form of hypnosis inspired after the great Dolores Cannon and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). One of the main differences between BQH and QHHT is that BQH is able to be offered online, allowing clients all over the world to work with me. 

During a BQH session a portal opens for your consciousness to be able to travel anywhere and anytime in the quantum universe that is most necessary for you at the time of our session. Typically clients experience around 2-4 past lives per session, but every session is VERY unique and depends on what you most need and are open to.  It is suggested that you come prepared to your BQH session with a list of 5-10 questions you want answered. Anything you wish to know, you will be able to access during our hypnosis session together.

Sessions typically run between 2.5-4 hours which includes getting you comfortable and oriented in our pre-session conversation as well as a post-session debrief.

BQH is great for anyone looking to:

-Understand their past lives

-Heal past life traumas

-Connect with spirit guides/angels/beings of light

-Explore the quantum fabric of the universe and tap into whatever mystery is awaiting them

Pre-requisite for receiving BQH:

-Able to easily follow along with guided meditations

-Able to relax deeply 

-Able to open mind and let go of nagging "thinking" thoughts easily

-Meditation experience is HIGHLY recommended

WARNING: very powerful experiences are very likely to occur

You must release all expectations of what you want to have happen and how you think your session may go. It is absolutely best if you can be innocent, open, curious, and present with whatever unfolds before you. The biggest challenge people tend to have is in allowing their conscious, rational mind to stay in the background while watching the subconscious (SC) mind take over. The subconscious mind that we are talking about in BQH sessions refers to this larger part of ourselves that has been given many labels throughout history: the higher self, the Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, and Oneness. The SC knows any answer to any question pertaining to the individual it is connected with and then some. Through a BQH session you are gently guided into allowing your own deepest inner wisdom to shine forth, showing you what you need to know, and healing what needs to be healed.  When Dolores Cannon first started working with the Subconscious mind it stated it does not care what we call it, it simply "is" and is willing to be of service to those with pure heart and intention. 

To Book:

If you would like to book a BQH Hypnosis session with me please email me directly at or fill out my contact form on this site. We will communicate via email to find a good time to schedule in our session. Once we have a session on the schedule I will send you an invoice from the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy for you to be able to pay before the start of our session. 

It is imperative that if we are doing an online session that you have a good quality and reliable microphone and video set up. I do my sessions via Zoom and record them so that you can have a recorded copy of our session together. 

All BQH sessions are $375 dollars

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