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What is somatics?

The practice of feeling into the aliveness of the body through movement, stillness, or inquiry. 

Somatics? What?

Somatics comes from the Greek word somatikos which means living, aware, bodily person. There are movement oriented somatic modalities such as: Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centering, Shin Somatics, or Hanna Somatics to name a few. These types of somatic modalities typically aim to expand one's consciousness and lived experience of one's own body, usually introducing unique movement cues and combinations. In many of these modalities there are also hands on or bodywork practices that aim to further increase awareness of one's postural or unconscious holding patterns, often working directly with the nervous system through movement repatterning. 

Then there is also a therapy oriented use of the term somatics, in which therapists use body centered approaches in their practices. Some examples of therapies that use somatic principles are: Somatic Experiencing, TRE* (Trauma/ Tension Releasing Exercises), Somatic Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Internal Family Systems, and Brainspotting to name a few. 

Any practice or approach that works directly with the felt sense of the body could be considered a somatic approach.


What is the felt sense?


The felt sense is your ability to sense and feel inside your body to notice all the subtle shifts, sensations, and living experiences your body is experiencing at any given moment. A popular term for this ability to feel inside the body is: intercoception. 

How do I use somatics in my work?

I have a large background of skills that I draw from in my work teaching or working with clients one on one. To learn more about my full background please go here

In the Somatic Trauma Study I am utilizing methods, approaches, and tools from various modalities including: somatic experiencing, brainspotting, TRE, somatic internal family systems, neurosculpting, and more. With my background as a professional modern dancer, yoga instructor, massage therapist, somatic bodyworker, and student of health and wellness, I have a broad toolbox to draw from when working with my clients. 

In my one on one sessions that take place as part of the Somatic Trauma Study, my primary focus is helping the participant establish a deep connection to themselves via their own felt sense. Everything I do, no matter the modality or tool I use, will always be on top of the foundation of having the participant experience their own feelings and sensations. I will work with them to articulate those sensations in nuanced ways as to increase their own capacity for sensing and being with what is. This is truly at the heart of what somatics is: to explore the internal landscape of one's own self via the body and its lived experience via the felt sense. 

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