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Somatic Trauma Coaching


Are You Struggling?

Do you feel like you are just surviving/holding on but know that there has to be a better way of experiencing life?

Do you feel that traumatic incidents are having an ongoing negative effect on your wellbeing?

Do you feel burnt out, stressed out, or overwhelmed? 

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Are you feeling hopeless, shame, or numb?

Do You Want To Shift?

Do you crave a new relationship with yourself, one of possibility, love, bodily connection, and ease?

Are you willing to show up in commitment to your own growth and create ripping positive change in your life?

Are you willing to try something new ~ in a safe container?

Are you craving someone to help provide the tools, safety, support, and knowledge so that you can

live the life you crave?


If you answered yes to most of those questions (or even some of them) perhaps it is time to consider getting some help. 

When you invest in yourself (in the right context) magic can happen. 

In order to heal and create lasting change in your life, it is often imperative to seek help from someone skilled who you trust. Because the nervous system is wired the way it is, co-regulation with a trusted and safe individual is often a missing and crucial piece towards helping someone heal. So whether you choose to work with me or not, I highly encourage seeking the right therapist or coach whom you feel resonant, trusting, and safe with. 


Feeling safe with whomever you work with is absolutely priority #1 because without safety, healing will not happen

Purple Buds

What Do I Offer?

Somatic Trauma Coaching is a term probably used by other folks, but it is a term I created for the style of deep, transformational work I offer.

Somatic is a word defining the ability to hone in one's awareness on the body and to develop more self-awareness around one's lived/embodied experience.

Trauma is in the title because everything out of balance in someone's life is in someway related to Trauma either known or unknown. I directly work with and heal Trauma through my one on one work, using a variety of body based, somatic tools and practices, a nutritional/herbal approach,  and subconscious repatterning. 

Coaching is a loose word in this context as I work in a fluid way dancing the line between therapy, coaching, and educator.

So to sum this up: I help people suffering from trauma (nervous system dysregulation) to gain well-being through an intuitive Somatic approach customized towards each individual. 

I draw from my large tool box of tools I have gathered over the last 15 years and some methods and tools I draw from are:

Internal Family Systems 

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

Brainspotting & EMDR

Shamanic Journeying 

Subconscious Reprogramming 

Felt Sense/ Somatic Meditation Tools

Movement & Yoga Therapies


Transpersonal Alchemy

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis/Past Life Regression

Herbalism & Nutrition

Radionics & SE-5 2000 Gold Instrument

But most importantly I lead all sessions 110% with my intuition. I am always watching and listening for what truly wants to be worked with and am always being led by YOU/your body. The body keeps the score of everything that has ever happened to you in this life (and other lives) and when we work with the body through a somatic lens, real noticeable shift begins to happen. 

I typically work with clients over a period of 4-12 sessions in order achieve the results they are looking for. I typically see effective, fast results and am not interested in dragging out the process any longer than necessary. My aim is to be as effective as possible and I am always learning/discovering new ways of bringing my work to the next level. 

I use the SE-5 2000 to take "before" and "after" Intrinsic Data Field readings of all of my clients. I can also use the SE-5 to help get to the root cause of various wellness imbalances, with the goal of suggesting effective dietary, herbal, and supplement changes to assist your journey towards total well-being. 


Through your Somatic Trauma Coaching journey with me, you will be empowered with essential knowledge and tools as well as have the safe space you need to finally access lasting healing and growth. 


If all of this is feeling exciting and resonate with you and you are curious to learn more

I invite you to fill out my application (below in purple box) and then we can schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery call to see if we vibe....

If we both feel a resonance towards working together and something in you screams "YES!" then we can take the next steps towards mapping out a Somatic Trauma Coaching plan that feels in alignment. 

Session Timing

My sessions are typically flexible with timing, as sometimes we need to stay on longer to get to the root of what is presenting that day, which my schedule graciously allows for. I love being able to provide my clients with my full presence which includes never needing to rush off to the next appointment. With that being said, my sessions can run anywhere between 60-120 minutes depending on what is necessary.

Energy Exchange

I love to commit to at least a series of 4 sessions with new clients as clients typically get the most out of the work when there is a committed container, yet I am also available for single stand alone sessions. Sessions are $150 and are flexible on timing.*

*If money is an issue please fill out the intake form anyways, if we are a good fit, we can arrange something that can work

Interested In  Coaching?

 Simply fill out the intake form below and expect to hear from me directly via email within the week to schedule your free 30 minute discovery call. Please check spam folder if you do not see a response from me after 7 days and feel free to email me directly at if you need to reach me sooner. 

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