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"Nori is truly gifted, experienced, and confident in her abilities which put me deeply at ease while discussing what I could expect during our session. The cadence of her voice is so comforting and it instantly relaxes you into the session. I knew that Nori was guiding the session for my safety as well as my discovery the whole time which made it easier for me to be vulnerable with myself. The insights and answers that I got from the session itself were life changing, but the downloads didn’t stop after the session ended. The weeks following the session have been full of answers to questions I’ve been asking myself for more than 20 years. So many lightbulb moments! Decisions I’d been unclear about how to make instantly became clear to me and I’ve made connections regarding my health that I’ve been looking for answers to for decades, among many other things. To me it feels like my memory and my “self” are now integrated and connected in a way that they weren’t before the session which has allowed me to ask better questions and get better answers for myself. My dreams have been incredible since the session as well. My subconscious mind seems to be responding to the session and giving me deeper opportunities to grow while lucid in Dreamtime. I recommend a session with Nori to everyone seeking deeper truth about their own individual experience of self and I can’t recommend her enough. Oh, another interesting experience from the session… it felt like I was on the treatment table for maybe a half hour. I was shocked when I looked at my phone, which I was using to record our session, and saw that it had actually been about an hour and a half! Truly a dimension shifting, time warping, self illuminating experience."

-Kim Olsen (BQH Hypnosis Session)

"My BQH Session with Norianna was amazing. She is so good at what she does. Her level of presence helped me to drop right in. It felt like she was right there with me the whole time! I love how she took the time to help me clarify my intention and beautifully guided me into the journey, holding a calm presence the entire time. Highly recommended!"

-Cree Cox (BQH Hypnosis Session)

"I am utterly amazed with Norianna and her helpful skills and modalities used in my quantum somatic healing session. This experience helped me to uncover underlying issues I carried from childhood traumas that even affected my physical body. She identified those problems with such ease and confidence that the blocks that caused pain in my body  immediately disappeared. This was such an powerful moment that I stood in awe. In my journey I realized that we have the answers within Us and I no longer take that for granted. Norianna has the right and appropriate knowledge that guided me to connect with my own body that I never knew exist. Synchronization is real and I can say that when you experience a phenomenal session with this Angel Norianna, you will know!"   


-Marcella Briggs (Quantum Somatic Healing Session)

I was lucky to have Norianna as a coach in January and February of 2022. It was her first time coaching after taking time away from it so the fees were reduced for me. Norianna always began each session by doing a great job of clarifying what the objective of the session was going to be for the allotted time. I also always left each session knowing what I needed to do for the next week. The majority of our time spent together was with somatic work. During one of the first sessions she walked me through doing a Trauma Release Exercise (TRE). A few other exercises we tried were brainspotting, felt sense meditations, vocal toning, and the Psych-K method. Norianna was a professional when it came to observation, seeing things from an empathetic viewpoint and knowing what questions to ask. For some of my issues Norianna helped me see that the underlying root cause of them was not just related to foods, supplements or trauma but a lack of spiritual foundation and grounding. .Last but not least, she recommended some supplements, spagyrics and adaptogens that helped lower my level of anxiety and relax me. For most of my life my resting heart was 90++, but now with supplements, my resting heart rate is in the low 60s and sometimes high 50s. She was a terrific coach and I would recommend her to anybody based on her somatic work, her awareness, empathy and ability to see what can't easily be seen by most people/coaches!

-Joey P (Somatic Coaching)

My experience working with Nori was very profound.

I was having some difficulty with my 6 yr old son and how I was responding to him was not healthy. 

It became apparent that I was not going to be able to deal with this situation or grasp the deeper issue that was happening on my own. 

I knew in the first few minutes of our first session that this was exactly what I needed. Nori guided me through some simple somatic movement practices which grounded my energy. From that centered space she encouraged me to ask my body what it might need to communicate, in words or feeling. I had never experienced myself in this way before, it felt like I was able to really allow for discovery. Nori provided the pathway where a lot of realizations and connections were made that I didn’t even know needed to be made. Nori could read my body language/energy and could tell when I was needing to pull out of the sensation or lean in. Her ability to gauge my needs and direct my energy left me feeling safe and able to be fully in the experience.

There is so much more that happened in our sessions it's hard to put into words, but I learned what it felt like to center and still my nervous system and allow for the inner wisdom of my truth to be heard. I still actively do the centering practices we did together in time when I need to slow down before I respond. I gained so much from my 4 sessions with Nori and it might be a bit dramatic to say but I am honestly a changed woman. And now my relationship with my son is in a stable and clear place thanks to the work I did with Nori!

-Jade N. (Somatic Trauma Coaching)

"I sought out Norianna because despite my best efforts, I was still experiencing (on average) a migraine a week, fibromyalgia symptoms, pain from scoliosis and pain from a lumbar disc herniation. I was a bit nervous going into it, but she set the container well and I was able to fully relax and release quite a bit of pent up trauma. It took a few weeks to recover from all the trauma that I’d released, but it was totally worth it! There is a noticeable decrease in the amount of pain I experience on a day to day basis and as I write this, it’s been about two weeks since the last migraine. I highly recommend Norianna if you are looking for trauma release, she really knows what she’s doing!"

-Silvester (In Person Quantum Somatic Healing Session)

"I can’t believe how different I feel after just one session with Norianna! She held such beautiful space for me to process all the things that came up physically, mentally and spiritually. I went in with constant shoulder pain and left without any pain at all and a month later still pain free!  Thank you for your gifts!"

-Shandell (In Person Quantum Somatic Healing Session)

"My BQH session with Nori was a profound experience that I still draw from regularly, several months later. I visited two past lives and a couple channels of consciousness that felt very expanded. One of the lives helped me connect with a playful and self-assured inner-archetype that I have been able to embody in my own, current life in a way that has been helpful. I also received clear answers related to questions I had about parenting and creativity when accessing the more expanded channels of consciousness. I felt very safe in Nori’s presence. I could tell that she was present mentally throughout the session and she treated the process in a way that made it feel sacred. The experience itself felt like I was able to bridge communication between my conscious mind and my subconscious mind. I have referred others to her, due to how much the session helped me."

-Hannah Cross (In Person BQH Hypnosis Session)

"The work I did with Norianna was life changing. To have the support to come into my body and learn Somatic tools helped me get out of the fight, flight, freeze that I had been in for 2 years. I continue to use the tools I learned with her to navigate difficult situations and come back to myself. I feel so much lighter and freer than i have in a long time! I highly recommend working with her "

-Shandell P. SLC, UT (Somatic Trauma Research Participant)


BQH with Norianna was a profound experience that took me on a journey of visions and potential lives. Whether or not these were literal flashbacks or not isn't quite the point--- It's the lessons that were instilled in the experiences. I was able to reflect on and integrate these stories and lessons for weeks afterwards, which led to some confronting feelings at times.

Throughout the session, I was able to transition in and out of a hypnotic state, which allowed me to witness myself from a different perspective. At the end, Norianna read back my own intentions to me that I had written while I was in this hypnotic and meditative state of higher awareness, and I saw and felt a gap between those initial intentions and my current state of Higher Self-ness. I was frustrated that I was so naïve with my intentions, even lazy... And that I could have taken the time to put more effort into what would be a meeting/Q&A with my Higher Self and Spirit.

If I could change one thing about my session, it would have been to go in with more preparation and intention. I have would treated it more like a ceremony in my mind; Preparing for a journey of visions and connecting with Spirit/My Higher Self. Overall it taught me that Spirit IS me, and I am Spirit, and I can be in connection to that reality if I open, if I put in the time, the silence, and the dedication. This is a major revelation, and slight re-evaluation for my path forward.


- Chelsey Ott, Ogden UT (In Person BQH Session)

Since my BQH session with Norianna I have noticed a few significant key improvements in my life. My psychological flexibility has increased, meaning I feel more able and willing to see things differently and thus create from a more inspired space. Also my general level of trust, safety and hope has increased. Kind of like we woke up some benevolent force within me that just wanted its rightful place at the table, so to speak. I’m enjoying the cumulative  effect of these subtle yet significant shifts as they manifest over time. Norianna is a born facilitator and transmitter of healing possibility!


- Devan Hadlock, SLC UT (In Person BQH Session)

I did a hypnotherapy session with Norianna through video chat. The space she held for me was so incredibly powerful it felt like she was physically sitting in the room with me. Her level of presence was masterful and invited me to go even deeper into my subconscious mind than I would normally go, in fact I had along of firsts come up in my session that remind me of what is possible for me to create for myself with the right amount of dedication and discipline. If it wasn't for Nori's guidance, my mind would have completely shut down when dropping that deep. It takes some serious skill for a guide to follow the winding pathways of the unconsciousness. Thank You Norianna for holding deep space for me.


  - Asheeliyah Insha, Kauai (Online BQH Session)

""Nori is a godsend! She is kind, tenderhearted, intelligent and delightful. She taught me many new vagus nerve exercises and helped me improve upon a few ones I was already doing. I learned a lot from her. During one of our sessions, she helped me uncover something about a family member, which was negatively impacting our relationship. Thanks to her, I was able to heal the source of the wound in a very profound way. And now our relationship is much better. There were many sessions where hidden wounds were brought to light and healed in unexpected ways. Often, the insights and healing came after the session was complete, which is hard to fully describe. She also helped me become more aware of myself and of various parts that needed healing. I can see myself more clearly now thanks to her. Working with Nori was deeply personal, enlightening and quite magical. And I highly recommend her!""


- Sue H. (Somatic Trauma Coaching)

"Norianna is so knowledgeable! She really listens to her participants to get a feel for what they want/ need and tailors her approach beautifully."


"I had such an amazing time with Norianna this weekend. I've always gravitated toward healing through movement probably ever since I was born  and I just loved this new approach and new perspective and especially the science behind why movement is oh so powerful! It's always great to understand the why and the purpose of even the things we do to heal without realizing it and putting a name to it! Very transformational weekend!!! Highly recommend somatics!!!"

                                                                             -From Participants Of A Weekend Somatic Module

"I have been working on my PTSD with Nori. A lot of it is experimental, but she works with me to create a safe space so I can get in tune with my body and the feelings and pains I'm carrying and work to clear them. I can honestly say I am in a better place now than I have been in more than 20 years. I honestly had no idea what I was in for when we started and I am so glad that I went for it."

       - Sare Gardner (Early Somatic Trauma Client)

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