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Somatic Trauma Research

An ongoing project in conjunction with the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy. 


I am in Phase 1 of research which will focus on the effectiveness of somatic based practices in a one on one setting with participants who are suffering from ill effects of childhood trauma. 


There will be other phases to my research, including monitoring the effectiveness of certain herbs, supplements, particularly spagyric formulations, on the symptoms of childhood trauma. As my work progresses, so will the topics of research. I plan to document my findings publicly on this site when the time is right. 


Phase 1 Outline:

Goal: To prove effectiveness of somatic based "therapy" and "educational" approaches towards treating trauma. To track data over a period of at least 4 weeks and up to 12 weeks for each participant. 

What I will do:

I will be running quantum scalar analysis tests using the SE-5 instrument to do a preliminary health and wellness scan of each participant before they start working with me one on one. I will also have each participant fill out an in depth questionnaire which will provide me with beginning data points. 


Some data points I will collecting include:

-vagus nerve function

-gastrointestinal function

-immune system response

-mental health & thought processes

-ability to handle stress 

-quality of relationships

-state of happiness & wellbeing


Each participant will then schedule either weekly or bi-monthly one on one virtual zoom sessions with me. These sessions will be uniquely tailored for each individual but will follow a standard structure including education, deep personal exploration work, and homework. Each participant is required to keep an ongoing journal on a google document that I have access to, in order to track their progress. I too will be keeping detailed notes of each session. I will be available to support and answer any and all questions via email during the duration of our time together. 

After the minimum of 4 sessions completed, we will check in and decide if more sessions are necessary for that participant.


Once we both feel complete in our work together, I will be running a final IDF analysis to get the updated IDF readings of that participant post our somatic work together. The participant will also be required to fill out a more in depth questionnaire about their symptoms after our work is complete. There will also be a shorter "survey" to be completed on the shared google doc post each individual session regarding their "symptoms" and "lived-experience". 


Criteria for being a research client:

  • You feel you are struggling with the negative effects of trauma ~ ranging from childhood to a recent event (I am purposely  leaving this criteria vague for the first phase of this study, as I continue I expect the qualifications to be much more specific)

  • You have some sort of negative "side effect" from this trauma including but not limited to: digestive issues, autoimmune disturbances or diagnosis, anxiety, disconnection from self/body, sleep issues, depression

  • You are not suicidal 

  • You have good communication skills and are still relatively functional in your day to day life

  • You are willing and capable of doing “homework” and showing up on time to our sessions

  • You are open to new ideas and techniques

  • You are curious and ready to discover yourself on a deeper level

  • Are wanting to heal, shift, and change but need the right safe space, healing tools, and support


$775 per 4 sessions. Sessions last between 75-120 minutes and are done via Zoom. I can offer a payment plan to make funding this research more possible for some. Please email me directly once you have applied, and we can set something up. Once you are accepted as a research participant, I will provide a way to pay. (Payments will be made to the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy). If you are interested and meet the above criteria, please apply for this study below. Once I receive your application I will be in contact with you to set up payment and session dates. 

We can meet once a week or once every two weeks, it is your choice! 


Please note that as I am running this study as part of the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy, all of our research is always funded exclusively by the participants or supporters of our work. This enables us to work freely without the imposing limitations of investors. Also, as a participant of my somatic trauma study it will be important that you invest monetarily into your own healing as you will take our work together much more seriously, thus making it more effective. 

Only once I have gathered enough data in Phase 1 will Phase 2 be initiated. 

Interested In Applying For This Study?

The application process is simple. You only need to fill out the intake form below. Expect to hear from me directly via email within the week. Please check spam folder if you do not see a response from me after 7 days and feel free to email me directly at if you need to reach me sooner. 

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