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Norianna Diesel

Helping you reconnect to the wisdom within

Hi beautiful soul

I am so glad you stopped by!

My mission is to cultivate safe spaces (whether through one on one work or in group settings) to help people access the wisdom of their bodies. 


Because in order to deeply heal from trauma and to lead a balanced, nourishing, and even spirit led life, one must establish the ability to sense, feel, and listen to the inner sensations of the body. Through reconnecting with the wisdom that comes through the body, you will be empowered to live a life deeply connected to your sense of self, purpose, and environment. 


In my work I enable powerful, lasting healing through a mixture of tools I have collected over the last 13 years. Most of my work is centered around somatic inquiry, using tools and practices that enliven your connection to your body. I combine science backed tools, my own lived experience, and my intuition to deliver effective life changing sessions or classes. 

What I Offer

How You Can Work With Me...

Join My Current Trauma Research Study

I am currently taking on select clients who are suffering with adverse effects from childhood trauma. We will be monitoring the effectiveness of various somatic based practices over the course of at least 4, one on one sessions. 

Find out more and apply to join this program below. 

Book A Hypnosis Session

I offer in person (office in South Ogden, Utah) and online Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions based off of the work of the beloved Dolores Cannon and her QHHT method. These hypnosis sessions enable you to tap into multiple past, future, or parallel lives during one session. You will receive guidance, clarity, healing, and more during these very powerful hypnosis sessions. 

Hire Me To Teach

I am available for hire to teach local classes in Utah as well as to teach workshops or retreats anywhere in the world. 

Types of classes I teach:

-Somatic Movement

-Contact Improvisation

-Somatic Tools for Healing Trauma

-Personal Development With A Somatic Lens

-And More

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